Posted by: Tyson Mullineaux | July 14, 2014


We’ve all been in the air on a busy Saturday morning or when the winter weather turns to a nice spring day. It certainly can be frustrating, intimidating and sometimes scary when we’re “bumper to bumper” or nose to tail in the traffic pattern. 

I really liked this article put out by AOPA this month in their ‘Training Tips’. It’s called Proper Spacing is Critical and you need to read it. Enjoy!

Proper Spacing is Critical

Posted by: Tyson Mullineaux | June 27, 2014

Density Altitude

I always like to post about DA and summer time flying, but I think Rod Machado’s video best explains it all.

Sit back and enjoy by Rod, the best in the biz.

Posted by: Tyson Mullineaux | June 1, 2014

Discovery Flight of the Week

Thanks to Scott Neal for joining Randon Aviation Friday for a Discovery flight! The weather and unlimited visibility couldn’t have made for a better flight! And after 20 years away, Scott’s stick and rudder skills were fantastic! Good job!

Let us know if you have the urge to get up in the air. Tyson CFI, CFII, MEI 801-560-7872

Posted by: Tyson Mullineaux | May 9, 2014

Flight Review

IMG_20140430_082354Congratulations to Mike here in KSLC for completing his flight review after a few years off of flying. Happy to have him navigating our skies safely and enjoying some summer flying!


Now is a great time of year to get proficient and safe. With summer ahead, get current and start flying! Or, I suppose you could just be happy mowing the lawn and wishing you were flying. I myself prefer a shoddy yard as I view all the nice ones from our Piper!

Here are some great videos from our friends at Randon Aviation that cover some staple maneuvers to expect in a typical flight review:

Posted by: Tyson Mullineaux | April 9, 2014

Third Class Medical or Not?

This may be a good boost for GA as many pilots have stopped flying due to a loss of their medical. If the General Aviation Community can experience a burst of interest and participation from former pilots, we may just stop feeling like a dying breed. Here’s the full article put out by AOPA on the FAA’s announcement:

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