Learning to Fly

You’ve made up your mind to learn to fly. What now? There are several things to consider before you rush in and start dropping coin on a training program. First is simply, why?

Why are you interested in flying? Do you want to do this simply to say you’ve done it or have you had the overwhelming urge to get in a plane since you could reemeber?

The current cost to get your pilot’s license is on the rise but as of lately to get a private pilot license would run around $5000 to $6000+ dollars. However you can get a sport license for much less if that’s your interest.

Here are some important things to look at prior to starting your training:

  1. Find a Flight School
  2. Talk with at least two of the flight instructors. You are interviewing them, they are not interviewing you. It’s important you “click” with the person that will be training you.
  3. Schedule an introductory flight. Make sure you actually like being in a small plane.
  4. Determine what type of aircraft you will want to train in.
  5. Budget your time and money.
  6. Get your medical/student pilot certificate done. This may determine a lot.
  7. Schedule your training.

Flying is an amazing experience and an even greater accomplishment. If you have determined you want to fly, then go for it and don’t look back. Regardless of the cost, if you don’t spend your money on flight training, you most likely will spend it elsewhere. Go get your pilots license.

One thought on “Learning to Fly

  1. Great articles and very informative.Being a pilot is on of the noble profession. It really needs a great training for a pilot to handle a very great responsibility. Your post will aid them to select a better flight training schools or program. More power to you.

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