Aviation Weather

Aviation Weather

You want to go fly and need to find out what the weather will be like. There are numerous sources you can turn to check on the weather regardless if it’s a local flight or a cross country trip.

Your local news forecast can be possible give you an idea of what could be expected but in my opinion is better for those wanting to know if they will be able to mow the lawn tomorrow or not. The aviation community has great weather resources designed just for pilots and flying; use them.

  1. My personal favorite is ADDS put out by NOAA’s National Weather Service. It has just about everything a pilot needs.
  2. DUATS can provide you with crucial weather briefings for those cross country flights while simultaneously filing a flight plan.
  3. Jeppesen also provides a weather page full of resources for pilots.
  4. Universal Weaher.com has an aviation page tailored for professionals that broadcasts weather that may impact flights and commercial travel.

If you’re planning a flight, know your weather forecast. It may look good outside now but things can change in a matter of minutes and us pilots don’t have the luxury of “pulling over to the side of the road” when things get rough.

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