Air Traffic Control


Air Traffic Control provides a valuable service to all pilots of all levels. At some point in our training or piloting careers, we have to talk ATC. For many students as well as pilots that normally fly out of non-towered airports, communicating with ATC can be awkward, maybe even scary. Keep in mind that on the other side of the radios is a human being who is there to help.
For student pilots, ATC can be a huge asset if you are unsure of things like location, airport layout or simply didn’t understand the last set of instructions. For the private pilot, ATC is there to help you if lost, confused or you simply need progressive instructions. Sure it’s possible that a pilot’s ego may be bruised but as PIC, you are responsible for the safe operation of your aircraft and if that means you need to call ATC for some clarification or to say you’re lost, then do so and worry about your ego when your safely on the ground. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

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