And we’re back. It’s a new world we’re living in with this virus reeking havoc on the aviation community. Now more than ever flight training is a great opportunity for those wanting to get up in the sky and possibly have a career once the airlines and other flight operations start picking up their hiring.
Most recently I was based out of Los Angeles international airport with my part 121 airline operator. Aviation was great, things were moving quickly and the job market was a pilot’s paradise. Within a month during March 2020, we saw the collapse of a massive industry. Not just ours but many other industries around the world. The great thing about flight training is it seems to be a stable rock in the aviation sector. Men and women that were once flying passengers across the country or across the pond that hold their flight instructor certificate, are now falling back on their teaching skills to help the next generation of pilots prepare for a world of private flying or commercial operating.
So once again flight training couldn’t come at a better time for those seeking to get off the ground and earn their wings!

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