CFI Renewal

It’s that time again for me to renew my CFI certificates. I must say that I’m nervous. Not so much as nervous about the material and getting it done, but nervous about how I’m going to fit it into my schedule. Aside from my love of flying, I have a family and a full time business that I must run. My family life is crazy busy to say the least and my company is on the grow so. Not only that, it also requires me to re-certify in my field every so often which I’m in the middle of now.

So, where am I going to find the time? I’ve been renewing online for the last six years and will do so again as it is convenient and there isn’t a live session less than 400 miles from me. In the past, I’ve used Jeppsen’s renewal course (A+ in my opinion). This year I will be trying the new eFIRC from AOPA’s Air Safety Institute. Why? Because I like the idea of being able to start well in advance on my studies and not worrrying about cramming. In fact, you are allowed to start 2 years in advance. I love that idea. I can stay current with continuos, short study sessions, not cram and

Get Flying!

Get Flying!

The start of a new year is always a good time to revise your bucket list or “to do” list. For some that may be starting or finishing up your private pilot license. For others, it could be that flight review or instrument proficiency check to keep you current. Regardless of where you are at, don’t put it off. We can help with the following:

  • Aircraft pick up and drop off.
  • Private & Commercial License
  • Instrument Rating
  • CFI Rating
  • Biannual Flight Review
  • Instrument Proficiency Review
  • Mountain Flying
  • Safety Pilot
  • Insurance Check ride

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