Hot Spots

Hot Spots

Here’s a great reminder about “hot spots” at busy airports. And no I’m not talking about free wi fi in the terminal. As a local flight instructor that has been training primarily out of my Class E airport that underlies Class B airspace, it’s easy for me to forget that a short distance away lies a very bust Class B International airport, complete with tower, lots of runways and lots or airplanes. Not to mention a busy Air National Guard as well (don’t accidentally taxi into their ramp, they tend to great with armed MPs).

This article courtesy of AOPA outlines the importance of referencing your airport diagrams carefully, especially at busy airports and making note of any “hot spots” that may be present. The FAA’s definition of a hot spot is “A runway safety related problem area on an airport that presents increased risk during surface operations.”




We’ve all been in the air on a busy Saturday morning or when the winter weather turns to a nice spring day. It certainly can be frustrating, intimidating and sometimes scary when we’re “bumper to bumper” or nose to tail in the traffic pattern.

I really liked this article put out by AOPA this month in their ‘Training Tips’. It’s called Proper Spacing is Critical and you need to read it. Enjoy!

Proper Spacing is Critical

Flight Review

IMG_20140430_082354Congratulations to Mike here in KSLC for completing his flight review after a few years off of flying. Happy to have him navigating our skies safely and enjoying some summer flying!


Now is a great time of year to get proficient and safe. With summer ahead, get current and start flying! Or, I suppose you could just be happy mowing the lawn and wishing you were flying. I myself prefer a shoddy yard as I view all the nice ones from our Piper!

Here are some great videos from our friends at Randon Aviation that cover some staple maneuvers to expect in a typical flight review: